Hi! I'm Hannah. 

I am wildly passionate about health, wellness, maintaining a mindful appetite for life, and, FOOD.  Good food, nutrient-dense food, plant food and most importantly, sharing food... with the ones you love, and the ones you want to learn more about.  I think one of the best opportunities to truly "get to know" someone is by sharing a meal with them, intentionally listening to their stories, sharing yours, and connecting while breaking bread (or a gluten free rice cracker). My favorite part about this is realizing how exchanging words and sentiments actually fills you up more than food does. This is how you really nourish your heart, your mind and your body, in my opinion.

After receiving degrees in both Communication and Businiess from the University of California, San Diego, I moved back to Los Angeles.... Now, I dedicate my time to all of these practices as a freelance content creator, recipe developer, food & product stylist, and copywriter.